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Critical Bug found in Tosca 10.0

2016-11-25 15:22:12

Dear Community,

we would like to inform you about a critical bug, which was found in Tosca 10.0.

You are working with Templates and Tables in Tosca 10.0

After instatiatiating or reinstantiating Template Instances, all TBox Teststeps containing Tables are failing with the following error: "Row <Row> was not found".


If you have not yet reinstantiated your Templates, which were created with a previous Tosca Version, we would recommend to work with old instances! Do not reinstantiate the Template if it is not needed!

Currently there is no simple Solution for this issue. For a Workaround each affected Teststep has to be changed manually.

This issue has the highest priority for our engineering team. They are currently working on a solution, which will be provided as Patch 02 for Tosca Version 10.0 as soon as possible.
If you are having the this issue, please get in contact with your Tricentis Support team and we will inform you directly as soon as the needed patch is released.

Thank you for your attention,

your Tricentis Support Team.