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Tosca 10.0 Patch 04 is now available

2017-01-13 11:30:46

Dear Community,

a patch for Tosca 10.0 is now available.

It can be easily downloaded by following the links below (please mind to be logged in to be able to download it):


Patch 04 for Tricentis Tosca Testsuite 10.0:

If you are using Tosca Server too, you should install the latest version of Tosca Server. The last patch can be found here:

Patch 01 for Tricentis Tosca Server



Please read our Patch Notes  in our online help before installing the patch.


Additional Information:

If you are using the Java Swing Engine 3.0 you  need to install Java Swing 3.0 Engine 10.0 Patch01 after applying the patch.

Detailed information can be found in our Patch Notes.

If you are using XBrowserSAPFiori Engine you need to install XBrowserSAPFiori 10.0 Patch 02 after applying the patch.

Best regards,
Your Tricentis Support Team