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Logging options in TOSCA

The following articles will give you an overview over the different kinds of logging in TOSCA.


For a further analysis of issues it is sometimes required to provide more information about the affected components.
There are several logging options which can be activated to retrieve this information:

Engine logging
Special engine logging
Powerbuilder Engine
Java console logging
Webservice 2.0-Logging
Workspace logging
Sentinel License Server
Migration Log File
List all Environment Variables
TBox Logging
Tosca Commander License Logging


  • Engine logging
    is the logging of the BaseEngine and is disabled by default.
    Logging options: Settings -> Engine -> Logging Options
    Engine.Logging Options.EventLog Level change to Errors, Warnings and Informations
    Engine.Logging Options.Log Level change to Class Events
    The path to the logs is %APPDATA%/Tricentis/TOSCA Testsuite/7.0.0/logs/loghandler (check the setting Path to Logfile Directory)
  • Special engine logging (for example, Java)
    Logging options: Settings -> Special Engines -> JavaEngine -> Logging
    By default, is set to txt and the path to the logs is %TRICENTIS_ALLUSERS_APPDATA%\logs\javaengine

    Attention:if you are using Java Swing 3.0, for logging TBOX Logging applies
  • Powerbuilder Engine
    The logging for the PowerBuilder Engine can be set up within the file: %TRICENTIS_HOME%/dll/PBEngine/log4net.xml
    in this file, the following value has to be adapted:
    level value="WARN"
    level value="DEBUG" 
    the logs will be saved under: %APPDATA%\Tricentis\TOSCA Testsuite\7.0.0\logs\pbengine
  • Java console logging
    Start the jar file using the console.
    Sample call in a command line window:
    java -jar "D:\MyApplication\Java\Application.jar" > C:\result.txt


  • Webservice 2.0-Logging
    (WSE 2.0 not is not supported anymore for Tosca Versions >=8.3)

    EngineRe Logging only works in the ExecutionList!
    Here is how to proceed (do not mix up the steps, the sequence is important):
    1. Quit TOSCA Commander
    2. Start of the Logging-Console Window: Tricentis.Common.Logging.LogServer.exe.
      This files is located in the following directory: C:\Program Files\TRICENTIS\TOSCA Testsuite\ToscaCommander\ToscaEngine
    3. Start TOSCA Commander
    4. Execution of the correct ExecutionList
    5. Copy the Loginfo from the Console Window in a txt-file and send it to us.

  • Workspace logging (general logging of TOSCA Commander)
    Example for creating a log with log level 12 using the command line:

    From 12.2
    >"%COMMANDER_HOME%\TOSCACommander.exe" -loglevel 12

    From 10.0-12.1

    >%TRICENTIS_HOME%\TOSCACommander.exe -loglevel 12

    Until 9.3
    >%TRICENTIS_HOME%\ \ToscaCommander\TOSCACommander.exe -loglevel 12

    This also works with TCShell:

    From 10.0
    %TRICENTIS_HOME%\ TCShell.exe r.exe -loglevel 12

    Until 9.3
    %TRICENTIS_HOME%\ \ToscaCommander\ TCShell.exe r.exe -loglevel 12

    The logs can be found in the TOSCA_Workspaces folder.
  • Logs on Sentinel License Server
    valid until 10.1
    Default Log-directory <OSdrive>:\WINDOWS\system32\lservsta.
    The Path is set manually in the environment variables:
    • LSERVLOG (contains the name of the error-logfiles)
  • Logs for Flexera License Server  
    valid from 10.2
    (see also the relevant section in the FNE_LicenseServerAdminGuide_2016R2-SP1.pdf that is part of the license server setup)
  • Migration Log File
    During Migration of the common repository there is a temporary log file created which is stored under %APPDATA%\TRICENTIS\TOSCA TestSuite\7.0.0\Temp\TCTempLog\SchemaMigration_<Filename>.txt.
  • List all Environment Variables
    Please open the windows command line and enter:
    set > C:\Temp\set.txt

    You can now find the set.txt in your Windows temporary folder C:\Temp
  • TBox Logging
    valid 12.2+
    1. Start the file %TBOX_HOME%\Tricentis.Common.LogServer.exe
    2. Select OFF->"Error" from the menu
    3. Run the TestCase (Execution)
    4. The Logfiles will be saved here: %TRICENTIS_ALLUSERS_APPDATA%\logs\Automation.

    valid from 10.0-12.1
    1. Start the file %TRICENTIS_HOME%\Tricentis.Common.LogServer.exe
    2. Select OFF->"Error" from the menu
    3. Run the TestCase (Execution)
    4. The Logfiles will be saved here: %TRICENTIS_ALLUSERS_APPDATA%\logs\Automation.

    valid from 9.2
    1. Start the file %TRICENTIS_HOME%\libs\Tricentis.Common.LogServer.exe
    2. Select OFF->"Error" from the menu
    3. Run the TestCase (Execution)
    4. The Logfiles will be saved here: %TRICENTIS_ALLUSERS_APPDATA%\logs\Automation.

    valid from 8.3. SP1
    1. Start the file %TRICENTIS_HOME%\Automation\libs\Tricentis.Automation.LogServer.exe
    2. Select OFF->"Error" from the menu
    3. Run the TestCase (Execution)
    4. The Logfiles will be saved here: %TRICENTIS_ALLUSERS_APPDATA%\logs\Automation.

    valid until 8.3. SP1
    1. Activate the Logging in the Setting „TBox.Logging.LogLevel“
    2. Stop the Service ToscaAutomationService (WindowsButton->Services)
    3. Start the file %TRICENTIS_HOME%\Automation\libs\Tricentis.Automation.LogServer.exe
    4. Start the ToscaAutomationService again.
    5. Run the TestCase (Execution)
    6. The Logfiles will be saved here: %TRICENTIS_ALLUSERS_APPDATA%\logs\Automation.
  • Tosca Commander License Logging
    valid from 9.2
    Since version 9.2 the TBox Logging is also used for the Tosca Commander License Logging.

    valid until 9.2
    Please close Tosca before performing the following steps

    1. In %TRICENTIS_HOME%\libs two files can be found: Tricentis.Common.Logging.LogServer.exe and Tricentis.Common.Logging.LogServer.exe.log4net.
    2. Please open Tricentis.Common.Logging.LogServer.exe.log4net with any texteditor, search for the node <root> at the end of the document and add the following entry:
      <appender-ref ref="SimpleFile" />.
          <level value="ALL" />
          <!--<appender-ref ref="UdpAppender" />-->
          <!--<appender-ref ref="XmlChainsaw" />-->
          <appender-ref ref="SimpleFile" />    
          <appender-ref ref="ColoredConsoleAppender" />
          <appender-ref ref="OutputDebugStringAppender" />
    3. In the upper part of the document there is a node called <appender name="SimpleFile" type="log4net.Appender.FileAppender"> there you can define the name and the path for the created logfile.

      <appender name="SimpleFile" type="log4net.Appender.FileAppender">
          <file value="c:\simpleFile.txt" />
          <appendToFile value="true" />
          <layout type="log4net.Layout.PatternLayout">
            <conversionPattern value="%date [%thread] %-5level %logger %line %file %method - %message%newline"/>
    4. Now you can start Tricentis.Common.Logging.LogServer.exe.
    5. When the Server is running, please start Tosca Commander and replicate the occurring issue.
    6. Finally you can close Tosca Commander and the LogServer and the created logfile can be found in the defined path.


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Great read!

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Jay Reyes

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